What are the benefits of massage for the body | 13 organic and psychological benefits

With the advancement of science in the field of medicine, every day medical research proves the benefits of massage and the body’s need for it in the treatment of pain and stress that afflicts the body’s muscles and tissues.

In this article, we will talk about some of the benefits of massage, to add to your health and treatment schedule:

Relieve stress and nervous tension

Stress and nervous tension is a prevalent disease for many people, especially with the large number of life pressures and the accumulation of daily tasks, which can affect one’s health negatively.

This nervous tension increases the heart rate beyond the healthy range, and raises the blood pressure in the blood vessels.

The massage, especially the massage that takes place in the trigger points (Trigger Points), is one of the most efficient treatments used in the treatment of tension and stress, and this is one of the most important benefits of massage. It adjusts the blood pressure in the blood vessels and regulates the heartbeat, thus the person feels comfortable and relaxed, and his tension and stress decreases.

Post-operative pain relief

After leaving a surgery, a person feels some pain and inflammation in the area where the surgery took place. These pains and infections, if not treated seriously, may delay the patient’s recovery period, and may negatively affect his health if neglected.

Among the benefits of massage, studies indicate that treatment with it will reduce the severity of post-operative pain and reduce its effect, and in the event of regular massage sessions, the patient’s chances of recovery quickly increase.

Reducing anxiety

The feeling of anxiety is one of the nervous disorders that afflict a person, which causes disturbance in the work of the heart muscle as well as in the flow of blood in the blood vessels.

One of the most effective treatments for anxiety and tension is massage sessions, the most famous of which is Swedish massage, which is common among many people who are looking for a treatment for anxiety and tension resulting from stress.

Get rid of the pain in the lower back

The pain that affects the lower back is the most common pain that afflicts a large number of people, who spend long hours sitting at desks in the workplace, and sitting in the wrong way is often healthy.

These pains are caused by stress on the back vertebrae, which in turn puts pressure on the muscles and tissues in the lower back region due to prolonged sitting or wrongly grooming.

The process of massaging, rubbing and pressure with the hands and fingers that takes place during the massage sessions will relieve these pains and infections, and enhance blood circulation in that sensitive area, so it is recommended to do one session per week for those who complain of these pains.

Reducing muscle tissue fatigue

Most people, especially young people and adults, practice sports, whether it is football, swimming or running, and other sports. These exercises and sports, despite their health benefits that accrue to the body, cause muscle fatigue and pain.

For example, a sport such as soccer, which relies on running, kicking the ball and jumping, all of this is considered an effort exerted by a person’s feet, legs and thighs. Therefore, football clubs are keen to provide special halls for massage in order to treat these pains and infections that afflict football players.

And it is not just a matter of eliminating muscle pain or fatigue, as tissue sessions work to reduce the chances of the player being injured during the game.

Reducing tension headache pain

The tension that afflicts a person during his day, as a result of his busyness and constant thinking about accomplishing the work accumulated on him, may lead to his headache.

Therefore, this person is advised to search for comfort and relaxation to isolate his brain and nerve cells from this stress and nervous tension, and the best way to feel comfortable and relaxed is public massages.

Provide a person with better sleep

Sleep is related to a person’s psychological health more than his physical health, and therefore a person who always thinks and his mind is preoccupied with the pressures of life finds it difficult to sleep, because it does not give his mind an opportunity to rest and relax and is not ready for sleep. And such a person must undergo massage sessions in order to relax his body and mind, and until he feels relaxed, and then his mind is fully prepared for sleep.

Activate the health of the heart and the circulatory system

The processes of massages and pressure on certain areas of the body during massage sessions contribute to the work of contractions and diastases in the blood vessels, which in turn stimulate the movement of blood in these vessels, and thus activate the heart muscle in turn and regulate the blood circulation with it.

The relationship of massage with blood circulation is the main reason for a person to feel relaxed, because the blood moves smoothly, carrying with it food for the cells, and this smooth blood movement results from the massage sessions.

Promote vital balance in the elderly

A person, with his advanced age, suffers from many health problems and pains that afflict certain areas of his body, all because of the deterioration of the heart muscle, which can no longer push the blood as required in order to carry and deliver food to the cells to carry out their activities and functions, thus achieving Vital balance in the body.

Therefore, elderly people are advised to attend massages, which improve their blood circulation, which reduces the pain and inflammation that afflict them with age, and achieves the vital balance in their bodies.

Reducing the pain caused by arthritis

Arthritis results from a lack of blood supply to those areas, and also overuse of these areas, which over time experience some stress, and massage sessions reduce these pain and inflammation by focusing on the areas of pain or excitement (Trigger spots) and massaging and pressing them while moving them in a manner. Circular using two hands.

Promote comfort and relaxation

Massages work on massaging, rubbing and pressing the muscles and tissues with hands and fingers, which reduces pain and inflammation in those areas of the body, and also enhances blood flow through them, which in turn gives the person a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Lowering blood pressure in people with high blood pressure

High blood pressure in many people is related to stress and tension, and in massage sessions, the body is massaged and rubbed, which enhances the feeling of comfort and relaxation, this feeling of relaxation reduces high blood pressure, and brings it to normal levels.

Reducing the severity of migraine headaches

Migraine results most often from a lack of blood flow to the brain cells, which causes pain and inflammation in the head. These pains are the so-called migraine.

Massage sessions stimulate and enhance blood circulation, so that blood flows smoothly in the arteries and veins, arriving to the brain to nourish its cells, and reduce the pain of migraine.

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