What damages does compulsory car insurance indemnify?

What is covered?

RC car insurance – civil liability – indemnifies damages to third parties if you or another driver cause an accident with your car. Compensation is provided both for material damage (mainly to the other car) and for bodily damage suffered by the occupants (health care, incapacity for work and the consequent loss of earnings, compensation for heirs in the event of a fatal accident, etc.). .

In addition to other users or the road manager, all the occupants of your car are also compensated. If you are not at fault, the other party’s insurer will pay for both your property damage and bodily injury. If you have an accident with an uninsured car, the common vehicle guarantee fund will compensate you. In any case, in case of personal injury, normally also in case of property damage.

What are the additional guarantees?

Whoever wants more security can contract guarantees other than those imposed by law through the mandatory RC car.

If you cause an accident, it is your “ordinary” car insurance that will compensate the damages of the other party, but not the damages to your own vehicle. If you want these to be covered as well, you’ll also need to take out comprehensive insurance. This type of all-risk insurance indemnifies, in addition to damage to your own car, the fire or theft of your car, as well as broken glass, elements of nature and collision with animals. This can be interesting, especially for a new car or if you have a leased car.

However, there is a cheaper formula, called “small omnium”, which covers the same as a normal omnium except for its own damage.

2. Driver insurance

Mandatory car insurance compensates for the damage suffered by the occupants of your car, but never for the damage suffered by the driver when he caused the accident. Anyone who also wants to cover this risk must also take out driver insurance. And there, the formulas are not lacking. Some cover the cost of hospitalization, others the loss due to work incapacity. Others pay a lump sum or an annuity in case of disability. Up to a lump sum in case of death.

3. Assistance insurance

Assistance insurance can save you a lot of trouble in the event of an accident or breakdown. This service is in charge of the breakdown service, providing a replacement car and the eventual repatriation of the occupants.

How much is it?

A reckless driver will pay much more than a careful driver. The premium takes into account the claims you have caused in the last five years. In the past, we worked with what was called the bonus-malus system. In this point system, a lower bonus-malus meant a lower insurance premium. In the event of an accident, he received malus points, while an accident-free period gave him bonus points.

Today, each insurer uses its own system, but in practice it roughly corresponds to that of bonus-malus. If you are so impulsive that you have sky-high insurance premiums, or if three or more insurers have refused to insure your car, you can knock on the door of the Rating Office (www.bt-tb.be), which will set the premium and the conditions of the insurance.

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The age of the driver also plays a role in the amount of the premium: young drivers pay a higher premium than experienced drivers, since they cannot present an individual driving record. Another important factor: the power of the car and the use made of it. Those who live in a big city generally pay a higher premium, as the denser traffic increases the risk of an accident.

Some insurers grant bonuses, for example, for vehicles equipped with a driving assistance system (sensors, rear camera, etc.) or that only drive a limited number of kilometres. In this way, Belgium reduces the premium by up to 15% if the car is equipped with a driving assistance system and the same benefit depending on the number of kilometers traveled per year. at[person]’s house AG insurancethe reduction is 10% if the vehicle is equipped with two driving assistance systems.

As for the premium of an omnium policy, it also depends on the list price, the sensitivity of the car to theft and the presence or not of a garage.

for example in AG insurance, the average premium for civil liability and legal defense insurance is around 400 euros. For a complete ominum, you have to count 600 euros more.

Can my son or daughter drive my car?

Children grow up and one day they may learn to drive. “Whoever gives driving lessons with their car to their son or daughter should not immediately notify their insurer.says Peter Wiels. But as soon as your child drives your car ‘regularly’, you should inform the insurer. Otherwise, she risks getting into trouble if her son causes an accident.” But what is meant by “usual driver”? The concept is not clearly defined. In any case, it does not refer to your neighbor who borrows your car on occasion.

Anyone who gives your son or daughter driving lessons should not immediately report it to their insurer.

“Check what it says in your contract about other drivers. In practice, the premium will increase between 10 and 20% if a young person is a ‘regular driver’ of your car.”warns Peter Wiels. Since not everyone is aware of this obligation to name the insurer, most policies provide for a higher deductible if an unnamed driver causes an accident. In practice, the franchise varies between 600 and 800 euros for a driver under 26 years of age.

What is the deductible in general?

Damages to third parties are always fully compensated through RC car insurance. For personal damage insured with an all-risk policy, there are various franchise systems.

In this way, Belgium a franchise that goes from 250 to 1,450 euros applies, but with a reduction of 150 euros if the car is repaired in a garage approved by the company.

at[person]’s house AG insurance, the franchise varies between 200 and 700 euros depending on the value of the insured car. In some formulas, however, it does not apply if a third party is involved in the accident.

You can also work with the “English” franchise: if the cost of repairs is greater than a certain amount, all repairs are compensated.

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