What is the importance of massage for intimate relationship?

What is the importance of massage for intimate relationship?

After a hard day full of tasks, we resort to what may reduce tension, anxiety and stress and eliminate some fatigue; To feel comfortable like no other, and what we resort to is the massage that does the magic effect; To give a lot of comfort to our bodies, but do you know, dear, that massage has many benefits in intimacy, and that it is one of the most important means that work on its success?

Massage helps to reach the marital relationship enjoyable, and in the following lines we’ll show you the most important benefits of the massage before the exercise of intimacy, in addition to the steps of massage that enables you to access a healthy relationship intimate: the

benefits of massage
are the benefits of massage are as follows:
– Achieve Relaxation: From It is known that massage reduces tension and increases the feeling of happiness and relaxation, and this matter prepares the body for an ideal intimate relationship away from occupying the mind with the details of tiring life, as it works to open all the pores of the skin, and provides more exciting sensations before any intimate relationship.

– More stimulation: Massage is one of the most important stimuli that work to feel pleasure, which reflects positively on intimacy.

Improving blood circulation: Massage contributes to enhancing the sexual relationship, as it improves blood circulation to the body and blood flow and access to all parts of the body, including the genitals.

In order for you and your husband to have a distinctive intimate relationship full of comfort and relaxation, follow the following massage steps:
• The massage must be before the intimate relationship, as this works to enter into an appropriate mood.
• Do not hesitate to use dim lighting and quiet music, as this increases the effectiveness of the massage.
• Use essential oils if your husband is not allergic to these oils.
• Start with the neck and shoulders area, and when you feel that your husband is relaxing, head towards a deeper area.
• Make sure phones are switched off before starting the massage.
Ask your partner if he prefers to focus on one area more than another.
• After completing the massage, work to flush out toxins from your husband’s body by offering him a glass of water.
After following the previous steps, you can enjoy a special intimate relationship.