What is the importance of massaging the baby? What is the proper way to massage?

It is known that massage is one of the means that helps us get rid of troubles, think about daily problems and make us feel relaxed and comfortable, and massage has an effective effect on the body and the psychological state of the human being.

And we heard many recommendations recently from doctors advising mothers to use massage as a way to calm a nursing baby, because of its many, many benefits for children.

Here are the most important benefits of massaging a baby, in addition to the steps and methods of massage:

Baby Massage Benefits:

Massage strengthens the mother’s relationship with her child by communicating through touch, as the child feels warm and his mother’s closeness to him and her interest in him. Studies have shown that the physical contact between the mother and the child helps the brain cells to develop properly and this is very important in the first months as the brain grows smoothly. Fast in the first year of a child’s life.

Massage facilitates better digestion, relieves the child from disturbances and facilitates relaxation and sleep. Children who receive massages suffer less from colds and diarrhea, and the massage also relieves gas.

Massage plays a big role in the child’s physical development and helps each organ grow stronger through body movements and gain more flexibility. In addition to its role in regulating the child’s breathing, the skin is the largest organ in the human body in size and is rich in nerve cells, so massaging it helps to better regulate breathing.

Baby Massage Essentials

Madam, you should follow the following steps, and learn the methods of massage to provide the best care for your child:

Choose the right time to massage your baby without bothering you, and try to avoid massaging the baby immediately before or after his food.

– The morning period is one of the best periods of massage, where the mother and the child are in the best cases, and the massage in the evening period is important in helping the child to sleep.

Massage your baby’s body for only 15-20 minutes, and watch your baby’s reaction to your touches.

– Assign a specific place to massage on a daily basis, and make sure to place the child on a soft-touch towel on his back to massage the front part first and then the back.

– The room temperature should be adequate and warm enough, and it is preferable to talk with the child and sing to him with some soothing music, as this will make him enjoy the massage and feel relaxed.

A newborn baby needs less time to massage, while a baby with the first few months needs a longer time.

Baby massage oils

Some of the best oils for massage are natural oils:

(Edible oils such as grape seed oil – pure almond oil – vegetable oil with the addition of a drop of lavender, vanilla or lemon)

You can also buy special oils for gentle massages on the child’s skin, being careful not to touch his face and head.

How to massage a baby with steps

Warm the oil a little, then rub it on your hands.

Wiping the baby’s arms with your hands, then wiping the baby’s chest.

Gently massage the abdomen area from right to left, using one hand after the other.

Boil your fingers in the abdomen, from left to right, from top to bottom.

Wipe your hands on the legs while massaging the feet gently, then lift the knees towards the abdomen and wait for a few seconds, then repeat the experiment.

Massage the back back and forth, then from the shoulders to the feet