What is the technique of rolling massage to eliminate cellulite?

Cellulite is among the most difficult fat concentrations to remove at the level of the body, as getting rid of it requires time and effort that are not easy to remove.

And cellulite makes the skin look flabby and lax, which forms black spots in the beauty of women that should be taken seriously to remove them. Cosmetic experts have discovered a wonderful massage technique that gives the body a pleasant relaxation and at the same time helps to get rid of these fats. Want to know more about this massage? Continue reading the article.

What is a rolling massage? How is it applied?

The technique of rolling massage depends on rubbing and rubbing the skin in a way that allows the different layers of it to be loosened, meaning that the main goal of this massage session is to untie the connection between the soles of the skin, which is the place where fat collects, and the upper layer of the skin that covers the organs. All this in order to be able to directly affect cellulite fats to remove them quickly.

The movements of this technology, whose direction is from the bottom up, contribute to stimulating the work of the veins, vessels and pores, with the aim of accelerating the elimination of fats through the natural pathways: i.e. urine and sweat. This allows to obtain soft and tight skin, and to lose some centimeters at the level of the masseurs, but this method does not guarantee weight loss.

Is it necessary to see a professional massage therapist? Or can this method be applied alone at home?

To get satisfactory results in a short time, we recommend that you go to a specialized clinic for sessions of rolling massage . Because the specialist can deal well with your skin with the necessary pressure according to its quality and the concentration of fat in it, and in a way that does not lead to the formation of hematomas due to rupture of vessels due to the force of pressure. In the following, we explain how to go through a session of the Rolling Massage Technique.

After wearing a special dress and laying on a table, the masseuse scratches deeply the areas that will be treated in order to prepare them. Then you move to the next stage, which depends on massaging the thighs area with dough-like movements with a slight beating from time to time, which makes the person feel a rise in the temperature of these areas. Then the masseuse moves to the abdominal area, where she massages it in circular motions in a clockwise direction.

This is in a light way because this area contains several vital organs, so it must be handled with great care. After that, comes the role of the back, where the masseuse applies lymph drainage to the back of the leg, and then massages the back areas of the thighs.

The massage process may result in the feeling of some slight pain at the level of the treated areas, but once the session ends, you will feel a wonderful relaxation and wonderful comfort covering the various parts of your body.

Home auxiliary massage:

To get amazing results, you can use your own body massages at home in between sessions of your massage at the specialist. This also allows you to get to know the skin well and get to know your body better. To do a home massage, we recommend that you use a slimming cream and cellulite remover oil , to prevent the proliferation of fat cells, and to facilitate the process of eliminating them.

Here are some methods you can apply:

At the level of the thighs:

You can apply massage movements from the bottom upwards to stimulate blood circulation and warm the area. You can also do quick circular motions in the direction of clockwise rotation. Hold an important area of ​​skin between the thumb and the rest of the fingers, then rotate it using the thumb. Make sure to apply this movement from the bottom (near the knee) towards the top of the thigh.

At the level of the abdomen:

To avoid disturbing the digestive process, make circular motions in a clockwise direction. Put your hands on the hips, then make horizontal massage movements in two opposite directions, so that the hands meet at the level of the navel one above the other, then return them to their first position.

You can also do the same movements as a rolling massage technique at the level of the abdomen, but we recommend that you leave this matter to the specialist due to the sensitivity of this area because it contains a group of vital organs.