What oils are recommended to use when massaging children?

by Childrens massage from birth is considered one of the best ways to express your love for your child and take care of him for its many benefits, as massage helps to calm the child and help him sleep better and deeper because it relieves and eliminates the pain of colic, constipation and gas. Massage also helps to strengthen bonding and communication between the newborn and the person who massages him, whether the mother or father or even the grandfather and the grandmother.

The best time for a baby massage

The best time for massage is between feedings so that the child is awake and calm and not in a state of extreme hunger or satiety, and it is better to incorporate massage into your child’s daily sleep routine until the maximum benefit from it reaches him.

Oils that are recommended to be used when massaging children

The type of oil that can be used depends on many factors, some of which depend on the culture of the country, family traditions, different skin types, allergies, availability of oil at different times of the year, cost and finally the health of the child.

As a child massage therapist, I always advise parents when massaging their children using unscented, high-quality vegetable oils cold pressed so that the oil does not lose its nutrient content.

My sister suffers from Corona today, and she is emptied 6 or more times, knowing there is nothing in her stomach. Everything she eats and drinks empties and presses her, she throws her two days on this condition.

Vegetable oils for baby massage

Vegetable oils may be vegetables, fruits, seeds, raw nuts or herbs, pressed without using heat to preserve their beneficial components such as vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B6, calcium and other nutrients.

Such vegetable oils are nutritious for the skin and body of the child and allow the skin to breathe, unlike mineral or synthetic oils that are difficult for the skin to absorb because they leave an insulating layer that prevents the skin from breathing.

It is worth noting that if a child swallows mineral and synthetic oils, a layer may form on the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the absorption of nutrients from the food eaten and milk.

You can experiment with more than one type of oil until you find the most suitable oil for you and your baby, and do not forget to store the oil in a cool, dark place to preserve it for a longer time.