What to do in Corsica: the beautiful sites and landscapes to discover

Corsica is a region full of splendid landscapes ! Life is sweet, the roads are beautiful and the scenery breathtaking.

Here is an article on the itinerary to take to discover  the most beautiful Corsican sites .

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The map of the most beautiful Corsican sites

the most beautiful Corsican sites,
What to do in Corsica

The route to tour the most beautiful Corsican sites

Lake Nino

The starting point of the hike that leads to  Lake Nino  is at the forest house of Poppaghia on the D84.

FYI, this is a stage of the GR20. I classify this hike in the “difficult” category even if I did it in only 4:30 (not counting the breaks) because there are areas a little dangerous in my opinion …

In fact, when you are close to the top, you sometimes have to use your hands to move forward. This is not rock climbing, no, but you still have to be well shod and careful!

The walk is to be avoided in the event of rain of course because there, you could really hurt yourself if you slipped! In short, once at the top, the view is just FABULOUS , a real postcard.

We discover the famous Lake Nino as well as wild horses galloping close to the lake . The pozzines (lawns with water holes) undoubtedly give a crazy charm to Lake Nino.

This walk is one of my favorites: the panorama that awaits you at the top is sublime. It is one of the most beautiful Corsican sites .

the most beautiful Corsican sites,
What to do in Corsica

Lakes Melo and Capitello

To reach the starting point of the walk to the lakes of Melo and Capitello, follow the D623 after Corte and park at the sheepfold of Grotelle.

From a practical point of view, we would like to point out to you on the one hand that there is a charge for parking and on the other hand that if you do not want to jostle or be jostled by other hikers, try to leave early because it is is a really tourist spot …

Remember to equip yourself with at least hiking shoes and a sweater / sweatshirt because if you climb to Lake Capitello, you may be cold depending on the weather.

The walk is easy since it only lasts 4 hours. The path to the lakes is way too busy in my opinion, which takes away a bit of the charm of the place. I still have good memories!

the most beautiful Corsican sites

The pointe de la Parata

The tip of the Parata is located a few kilometers from Ajaccio. Climb up to the tower in the late afternoon when the sun goes down and enjoy the view of the Bloodthirsty Islands.

These four islets, sometimes red, sometimes black, change color depending on the weather . Some companies offer boat trips around the islands and provide swimming stops.

the most beautiful Corsican sites

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The calanches of Piana

Inscribed on the  World Heritage List , the Calanques de Piana  are located between Ajaccio and Calvi . The road is winding and narrow but the landscape is so beautiful that you quickly forget this little inconvenience.

To simply describe the place to you, I would say that the creeks are huge orange-red rocks … it all depends on the time of day you go and the weather as well …

It is an emblematic place , one of the most beautiful Corsican sites, not to be missed in my opinion!

If you want to get out of the car and quietly enjoy the beauty of the place, no worries, beautiful walks in particular on the old  path of the Muleteers will allow you to be amazed .

the most beautiful Corsican sites

Scandola nature reserve

The Scandola reserve is located north of Porto. Only accessible by sea, it is a wild site and a real sanctuary for the flora and fauna that I discovered by boat from Porto.

Everything is very regulated: we do not walk just anywhere, we do not pick a flower, we do not dive, we do not fish… we only touch with the eyes!

But what exactly can we see in this famous Scandola reserve? First of all slashed rocks whose color changes depending on the orientation of the sun but also a lot of birds and then fish of course.

The people who had taken the boat before had the chance to see dolphins… not a pity me… I only have one advice for you: don’t forget your camera!

the most beautiful Corsican sites

No racing

To go around Cap Corse , it takes around 4 hours by car, but don’t hesitate, it’s really fabulous. This corner of the island is not too busy and has retained a certain authenticity : take advantage of it!

Follow the east coast from Ville-di-Pietrabugno. You will pass by Erbalunga, small village (super cute) with houses that have their feet in the water. Photo lovers will be delighted.

You will continue your mini road trip on the winding roads of Cap Corse to the Macinaggio marina (from where some pretty hikes leave) before reaching Barcaggio , the tip of Cap Corse. Bring your swimsuit, just to cool off a bit before heading back.

A few kilometers away, the Mattei mill offers a beautiful view of the neighboring island of Giraglia.

You will then pass by Nonza and its dark gray sand beach before reaching Patrimonio where it is possible to visit some wine estates and taste some good Corsican wines … in moderation of course …   

the most beautiful Corsican sites


Ile-Rousse is located in the region of Balagne in Haute-Corse (north-west of the island). The little walk to the Pietra lighthouse is really easy and the panorama fabulous!

I also enjoyed the city center, especially Place Paoli, a boules’ paradise … If you are looking for a good restaurant, look no further.

The “Bistrot de la Place” is just EXCEPTIONAL and will remain for me a great memory of this itinerary of the most beautiful Corsican sites. This is also the holidays 😉

the most beautiful Corsican sites


25 kilometers south of Île-Rousse, Calvi is also worth a stop.

From its citadel, we overlook the city and the marina . You will definitely stop to take some photos from the top of the ramparts.

Do not hesitate to take the walk to the church of Saint-Marie-Majeure with its pink and white facade and to the ruins of the house of Christopher Columbus.

Leaving the city, from the  Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra chapel , the view over the bay of Calvi is magnificent!

I also recommend my articles on Bonifacio , Porto Vecchio and Bastia which are nearby towns!

the most beautiful Corsican sites

The desert of Agriates

Visits and hikes are good, but holidays are also relaxation.

There are some great beaches in the south of the island, but my two favorite beaches are  Lodo and Saleccia . They are not accessible directly from the road which makes them a little more original than the other Corsican beaches. You will need to take a shuttle to Saint-Florent or come by 4 × 4.

I went there mid-September from Saint-Florent and I will keep fond memories of it. I sincerely recommend this spot, a must-see in the most beautiful Corsican sites.

the most beautiful Corsican sites

Conclusion on what to do in Corsica

Thanks to Guillaume Durand for his good addresses in Corsica. For more tips, visit the  Vacances en Corse website .

Other beautiful regions of France are also to be discovered: the Gorges du Verdon or the bay of Villefranche-sur-mer as well as Marseille which is very close!

FAQ Corses

What to do in Southern Corsica?

In Southern Corsica you can visit the beautiful cities of Bonifacio, Ajaccio or Porto-Vecchio but you also have the Sanguinaires Islands and the Lavezzi Islands not to mention the hikes, a whole program!

What to visit in Corsica?

In terms of unmissable cities, you have Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Calvi, Bonifacio, Bastia, Corte, Porto, Cargèse, etc. In terms of the islands, you have Île Rousse, the Lavezzi islands, the bloodthirsty islands and so on! Enough to keep you busy for a good week, or even two!

What to do in Corsica when it rains?

Even when it rains in Corsica there is always something to do! You can go shopping, read a Corsican book. Discover Corsican know-how by tasting their Corsican wine in cellars and brasseries. Discover the religious architectures of the island. Or in more mundane activities you can go to the cinema, go bowling, have a laser game, go for an ice cream or simply go for a ride in the car even if the weather will undoubtedly be a little gray!