What You Do Not Know About Medical Massage | Scientific principle

Therapeutic massage or therapeutic massage has become a type of treatment that is recommended in many cases, due to the practical proven benefits of massages and massage sessions, and massage sessions are no longer limited to just reaching a state of relaxation and psychological calm, but the topic has expanded to become massage sessions from Among the prescriptions that doctors recommend for treatment.

It should be noted that some consider therapeutic massage as a complementary treatment only and not a basic treatment, but some consider it an alternative medicine.

Benefits of a therapeutic massage

Treating stress, anxiety and nervous pressure

Massages aim to relax the muscles and reduce muscle tension, as the movements of rubbing and kneading remove any muscle spasms, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

These massages also work on the secretion of the hormone serotonin and endorphins, which are responsible for reducing stress in the body and giving it a feeling of relaxation.

Rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries

And it is considered one of the most common areas in which massage therapy is used, as sports injuries are often the result of continuous muscle contractions, and these contractions with muscular exertion cause muscle spasms.

Massage sessions, especially the so-called sports massage, aim to re-energize the muscle by loosening its spasms, expanding the adjacent blood vessels, thus improving blood flow to the muscle and providing it with the necessary food for energy production.

Massages also help relax stressed muscles, which reduces the chances of them experiencing a cramp later and becomes eligible for muscle effort later.

Return blood pressure to normal levels

The movements of rubbing, kneading and pressure with the fingers that take place during the massage sessions relax the blood vessels adjacent to the muscle, and thus reduce the blood pressure inside them, which reduces the resistance to blood flow through these vessels, and thus the blood runs in them easily and flexibly, which leads to the blood reaching the cells of these The muscles and provide them with the food and oxygen needed for the activity of the muscle.

Types of massages that are used in the treatment

Swedish massage

Its aim is to remove anxiety and tension, to reach a state of relaxation and psychological comfort, and it also works to relax muscles and relieve muscle spasms.

Sports massage

It is a special massage for athletes who complain of muscle fatigue and muscle spasms, and sports massage works to rehabilitate these athletes and increase the chances of healing their muscles.

Deep tissue massage

It is a special massage to massage and rub the tissues far from the surface of the skin, which connect the muscles to each other, and this massage works to reduce muscle tension as it focuses on the area between the muscle and the nerve adjacent to it, so pressure is placed on the nerve, thus blocking the arrival of nerve signals for muscle pain to the brain Which prevents the feeling of pain.

The scientific principle of massage therapy

  • Massage helps the body and stimulates it to secrete the hormone serotonin and endorphins, which are responsible for reducing stress levels in the body and bringing it to a state of relaxation and psychological comfort.
  • This relaxing state helps blood vessels expand and reduce blood pressure through them, which helps blood flow into these vessels at a normal level.
  • Massage with pressure with the fingers puts pressure on and relaxes nerves, which helps block pain signals sent to the brain.

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